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    Assalamu'alaikum, Mathonius. Kru seumangat, ka trôk neulangkah bak Wikipèdia bahsa Acèh!
    Lakèe tulông?
    Lakèe tulông?
    • Beunantu:Asoë - laman nyoe jeuet keu alat teunulông droeneuh sigohlom neulakèe tulông bak ureueng la'én.
    • Beunantu:Teumanyöng - neuteumanyöng bak laman nyoe bhaih Wikipèdia. Bak laman nyan na dapeuta ureueng ngui nyang kayém geuteumuléh bak Wikipedia. Bèk yö neulakèe tulông bak ureueng nyan meunyo na nyang hana neutupeue.
    • Beunantu:Cara Teumuléh bak Wikipèdia - lam laman nyoe na cara teumuléh bak Wikipèdia. Meunyo droeneuh peureulèe kamueh bahsa Acèh, jeuet neu'eu lam laman nyan.
    Beu neutupeue
    Neupubuet salah?
    Neupubuet salah?
    • Bèk yö bak neuteumuléh, neupeugöt saboh teunuléh nyang barô, neutamah atawa neusampôh kalimat. Meunyo payah bak neubôh cingkunèk, hana peue neubôh. Na ureueng nyang peubeutôi eunteuk.
    • Ureueng urôh ngön ureueng ngui la'én akan geukalön laman Neuubah barô nyang meuasoe dapeuta neuubah-neuubah barô lam Wikipèdia. Pat töh na salah, ban dum ureueng nyan jeut geupubeutoi.

    Seulamat neuteumuléh! Kamoe mandum meuprèh teunuléh-teunuléh droeneuh bak Wikipèdia bahsa Acèh nyoe!
    Welcome! If you are really not an Acehnese speaker, you might want to visit the Wikipedia:Embassy or a little info to find users who are speaking your language. Enjoy yourself in this Wikipedia!

    --Jose77 (bicara) 5 Buleuën Limong 2013 08.21 (UTC)

    Thanks for the welcome message. Mathonius (bicara) 5 Buleuën Limong 2013 08.26 (UTC)

    Demi Lovato[peusaneut nè]

    Hi Mathonius. I just wanna give you a direction. Regarding the picture at Demi Lovato article, you might want to see this policy Wikipedia:Neuatô bhaih gamba leumah awrat lam Wikipèdia (in Acehnese) or the previous draft (in English). The picture policy is kinda special here, and it is the result of a negotiation headed by User:WhisperToMe and User:Bennylin with the Acehnese Wikipedia community. Rgds, Naval Scene (bicara) 8 Buleuën Lapan 2012 06.28 (UTC)

    Thanks, Naval Scene. That's an interesting policy. I'm glad there's an English version available. ;) I'll keep it in mind from now on. Mathonius (bicara) 8 Buleuën Lapan 2012 07.37 (UTC)

    Administrator access[peusaneut nè]

    Thank you for your information. -- Si Gam (bicara) 5 Buleuën Limong 2013 08.00 (UTC)

    No problem. Thanks for your message. Mathonius (bicara) 5 Buleuën Limong 2013 08.18 (UTC)

    Article Geurija Isa Jatoë[peusaneut nè]

    Hi Mathonius. I have asked Vogone about why he protected article Geurija Isa Jatoë, but he does not respond until now. How do you think? -- Si Gam (bicara) 8 Buleuën Limong 2013 11.09 (UTC)

    Hello Si Gam, thanks for your message. I think there are at least three different issues here and they're all related: 1) the quality of the article, 2) the conflict with Jose77, and 3) the action of Vogone. The article Geurija Isa Jatoë is disputed by you and you've deleted it multiple times. Jose77 disagrees with you and they restored it multiple times. After your adminship ended, they re-created the article and an editwar between Jose77 and you followed. I also see that Vogone intervened and protected the article against further changes, thereby ending the editwar.
    From my point of view, it doesn't make much sense to engage in an editwar, because that approach won't improve the quality of the article (nor the quality of the encyclopedia as a whole) and it certainly won't resolve the conflict with Jose77. I think you shouldn't let them provoke you this way. Always stay calm and try to look for constructive and reasonable solutions. As an administrator on a sister project of the Aceh Wikipedia, I always ask myself this question before deleting something: would this encyclopedia really be better off without any article about this topic? The True Jesus Church is evidently notable enough to be described on Wikipedia, so I don't believe nothing (no information) would be better than something (some information).
    You're not obligated to correct every mistake in the article, but you could easily write a correct stub about this topic, so you could improve the encyclopedia and inform the readers. That's what we're here for, right? Writing a short article with correct information would solve two of the issues: the quality of the article would be improved and the conflict with Jose77 might be resolved as well. The third issue, the action of Vogone, is already resolved, because the page protection only lasted for 24 hours.
    Good luck, Mathonius (bicara) 8 Buleuën Limong 2013 17.36 (UTC)
    Thank you very much Mathonius. I will think about it. Regards. -- Si Gam (bicara) 9 Buleuën Limong 2013 11.56 (UTC)