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Hi Bruno! Do you know Acehnese?

BTW, have you looked at Wikipedia:Pool on Sharia Law in Acehnese Wikipedia?

I think a solution that the other editors seem to like is cropping the images

For each of the articles on the Brazilian actresses, I uploaded local versions of the pictures, cropped so that the faces are visible, but not the hair or bodies, since the Acehnese editors seem to want that here, and that doesn't conflict with the mission set forward by the Wikimedia Foundation WhisperToMe 22 Buleuën Duwa Blah 2011 07.52 (UTC)

Please stop..[peusaneut nè]

Please stop displaying images that against Acehnese Wikipedia policy. Thanks. -- Si Gam 11 Buleuën Sa 2012 06.50 (UTC)

This is not a policy, just a proposition of policy. --Hercule 11 Buleuën Sa 2012 09.03 (UTC)
It has become a policy. See this. -- Si Gam 15 Buleuën Sa 2012 06.39 (UTC)
No, it has not become a policy. --Hercule 15 Buleuën Sa 2012 10.02 (UTC)
Statement without argument. How poor you are.. -- Si Gam 15 Buleuën Sa 2012 11.56 (UTC)
Where are your arguments ? The discussion you link doesn't say it is a policy ! --Hercule 15 Buleuën Sa 2012 12.05 (UTC)