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Automatic taxobox help
Thanks for creating an automatic taxobox. We don't know the taxonomy of "Automatic taxobox".
  • Is "Automatic taxobox" the scientific name of your taxon? If you were editing the page "Animal", you'd need to specify |taxon=Animalia. If you've changed this, press "Preview" to update this message.
  • Click taxobox&preload=Template:Taxonomy/preload here to enter the taxonomic details for "Automatic taxobox".
Common parameters
  • |authority= Who described the taxon
  • |parent authority= Who described the next taxon up the list
  • |display parents=4 force the display of (e.g.) 4 parent taxa
  • |display children= Display any subdivisions already in Wikipedia's database (e.g. genera within a family)
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Automatic taxobox
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Unrecognized taxon (fix): Acacia
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Template:Automatic taxobox is a template used to automatically generate a taxobox, designed to require the absolute minimum user input and research and provide even higher-quality classification.

Its documentation is under construction. Please help! Meanwhile, your questions will be answered by the team at Template talk:Automatic taxobox.

Automatic taxobox
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Don't worry, I don't bite
Scientific classification
Phylum: Chordata (?)
Class: incertae sedis
Genus: Exemplus
This list can be
automatically generated
using |display children=
How to
See also:
  • {{ Speciesbox }} – create an automated taxobox for a species
  • {{ Subspeciesbox }} – create an automated taxobox for an animal subspecies
  • {{ Infraspeciesbox }} – create an automated taxobox for a plant subspecies or variety