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Peue nyoe?

This message is displayed at the top of each pages. --Hercule 10:51, 23 Buleuën Duwa 2010 (UTC)

tôp[peusaneut nè]

Hello, good news! Thanks to FreedomFighterSparrow and Brion, unregistered users can now hide the sitenotice again. Previously, they were forced to see it continuously.

In all cases, please use the sitenotice with care, and keep in mind that occasional visitors see sitenotices on all their visits, if they visit less than once a month or they don't click "dismiss" and save a cookie. Nemo 24 Buleuën Lhèë 2015 15.43 (UTC)

Thanks for the info. rwhd marit? 26 Buleuën Lhèë 2015 10.00 (UTC)