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Fred Rogers

Rogers on the set of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood in the late 1960s
Lahé Fred McFeely Rogers
20 Buleuën Lhèe 1928
Latrobe, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Abéh umu 27 Buleuën Duwa 2003 (umu 74)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Nan laén Mister Rogers
Alma mater Dartmouth College (attended)
Rollins College (BA, 1951)
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (M.Div.)
Buet Children's television presenter, actor, puppeteer, singer, composer, television producer, author, educator, Presbyterian minister
Thôn meubuet 1922–2003
Peurumoh/lakoe Joanne Byrd (m. 1952)
Aneuek 2
Tanda jaroe

Fred McFeely Rogers (20 Buleuën Lhèe 1928 – 27 Buleuën Duwa 2003) nakeuh sidroe aktor asay Amirika Syarikat.[1]

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