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Balasan[Peusaneut nè]

thank you. Bahsa Acèh tolong diperbaiki. terus kita pelihara bahasa tsb dari ancaman punah. Akuindo (marit) 14 Buleuën Sa 2018 05.00 (UTC)

Recent edits[Peusaneut nè]

Heads up: I have just made two test edits on this wiki in order to help diagnose an article-counting problem that is currently being discussed at phab:T199041. I would appreciate it if you could not undo those changes until that discussion is over (or at least a few days, depending on how he discussion goes). Alternatively, you could undo my changes and then make similar "legitimate" changes yourself (I do not speak Acehnese, so I couldn't really make "useful" changes here).

The two edits I made were intended to accomplish the following:

  1. Add a new [[wikilink]] to a page in the main namespace that does not currently have one, to check whether the article count (or count of "Content pages") increases, as it should.
  2. Create a new page in the main namespace containing at least one wikilink, to check whether the article count increases, as it should.

Action #1 seems to not be working properly on any Wikimedia content wikis. Action #2 is working as expected. (BTW, I chose this wiki for my tests more or less "arbitrarily", as it was a relatively low-traffic — but not "dead" — Wikipedia, making article-count checking easier. I've tried similar tests on 3 Wikivoyages, as well, as you can see in the Phabricator task.) - dcljr (marit) 26 Buleuën Tujôh 2018 20.06 (UTC)

@Dcljr: Thank you for the heads up. ··· 🌸 Rachmat04 · 27 Buleuën Tujôh 2018 02.29 (UTC)